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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Drumming to the Earth's Heartbeat

Earth's Heartbeat

This is something very special to me, my drum.  I have actually made two, one Goat skin and one Elk skin.  I attend two ceremonial drum workshops a few years apart.  The classes lasted all day and it was very powerful and very sacred.  My Elk skin drum was blessed as a Siberian Medicine Drum, and it is used to honor the Earth.  I will share the beginning of this journey.

Many years ago (it actually seems like a thousand years ago) I was looking through a local paper and seen a group of people that met up during the New Moon and the Full Moon for a Drumming Circle.  The circle met and played drums, sang honoring songs to the earth and passed a talking stick around if you had something that you wanted to share. 

At that time I was doing Gourd Art and made gourd rattles to display in different shops.  When I seen the ad in the paper, I had to attend at least one of these drumming circles but I did not have a drum.  I called the lady that was holding them and explained that I wanted to attend but did not have a drum.  She welcomed me with opened arms and I took one of my gourd rattles to play.

I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed, excited and a little intimidated to be with a group of people that were so powerful. Once the drumming started I left this world! I went straight to the Earth and automatically connected with its heartbeat.  I could feel the vibrations of the drums all through me, it was the MOST power thing I had ever felt.  After a while, I tried to play my gourd, but I was so intrigue with the drums nothing else mattered to me.  

Soon I became a regular at the Drumming circles. I had several people offer to let me use their drum, but I always refused. I could not bring myself to accept any offer, I knew it had to be my drum that I would play for the first time. 

I am not sure how long it was perhaps a year or two, I heard about a drum making ceremony that was being held. My spirit popped up so fast it reminded me of a cartoon.  It was hard but I came up with the money and shortly afterwards I was making my own drum. It was a very long day and it was very draining but it was very sacred.  I had made my first drum, a Goat Skin Drum and at the end of the day it was Blessed but I could not beat it for a couple of days until it was completely dried.

When I got the drum home and was totally alone with it, my heart sank. I knew in my heart this drum was not to be my drum. I tried to connect to it, but it just would not happen.  Soon afterwards, I bartered this drum for my 3rd degree in Reiki.

A long while after that I attended another Drum making ceremony and this time I knew with every fiber I was, this was my drum. Through every second of the ceremony I was fully connected to it. It felt like it was a part of my spirit that had been missing for life times.  This drum is a Siberian Medicine Drum and will always be connected to my heart and soul.

As I sat in different circles playing my drum, I could actually feel the thumping of Natures heart.  I was referred to as a Drum Traveler which meant I could travel in the circle through the drums and hear each of their voices. Although there has been many circles I have attended and have played a lot, one of my favorite times was when I attended a ceremony and was drumming right behind SilverRaven Wolf.  She is an Author who I truly admirer.  Our drums had almost the exact sound, it was amazing!!

I would recommend to anybody that truly wanted to feel the earth's heartbeat, to make a drum.  It is one of the most powerful ceremonies and the rewards will completely overwhelm you.  To feel the Earth's heartbeat is like pure unconditional love enveloping you in nothing but comfort and love.  

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  1. I could feel a real change in your positive energy when you radiated the joy of innately knowing the Elkskin Drum was the right one Eva. I have, for years, realized there is a confident, "right feel" of compatibility in certain things and places... and people... while other things, places and people are incompatible and I feel almost dysfunctional with them in my hand, or in their presence. While the feeling has always been there, It's only in the last few years that I've slowed my lifestyle down and begun to search for the meaning of why some things, places and people consistently call out to me? While others consistently are incompatible? I am a novice at this and a learning student of the world around me even tho I've been around here awhile. I naturally search for meaning, but I am learning to accept... and trust the truth of many things which science can't fully explain. If you've ever tuned a guitar, it's then easy to grasp that all matter vibrates with an energy just as the guitar strings do... and when you tune those strings so they vibrate harmoniously with each other... and just right... They make a beautiful gift of music, and feeling that resonates throughout your body and soul back to you. Sometimes a string cannot be tuned... and must be replaced to make the entire unit function as one again...And so it goes with all things, places and people...all matter! I particularly enjoyed the last two drumming videos ;) You are a "light bearer" by unveiling your experiences... and what your know to be true for you... so thank you for what you share on this blog~

    1. As always thank you for visiting and commenting. Long time ago when I use to live in Missouri a friend was teaching me how to play House of the Rising Sun on a Guitar, besides that I have not learned anything else. My husband does play a guitar but I have never heard him play. Music especially nature music like with a drum or a rattle feels like they automatically tune into Natures energy. I suppose I can understand how a guitar can do that also, considering it is made of wood (well most of them anyway). I did a long search on those videos, but as I mentioned in this article, usually drumming circles like I use attend were considered sacred and were never recorded. But I thought these videos were pretty cool :-) Again Thank you for stopping by and commenting, I appreciate it.


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