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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Connecting with Nature-Part One

Every culture and religious belief -have symbolic meanings when they see  certain things in Nature. Some cultures more so than others; have a deep understanding that we are all connected to everything in Nature and everything has an energy.

Many Spiritual leaders in the Native American culture understands Natures language through different symbolic signs.  It is almost as if communication is made possible through telepathy and a spiritual language. 

Many dancers and different ceremonies incorporated different things from nature in their dance, regalia and ceremonies.  Things that are often used are: feathers, animal teeth and bones, animal skins and mask made from things in Nature such as wood and other natural material. When I had my naming ceremony, I made an Oak necklace out of oak leaves and acorns to wear. Other things used are, shells from the ocean and sage from earth for smudging and cleansing the space before ceremonies.  I wrote an article called: Smudging-Cleansing your Space that will explain what smudging is and what to use. One of the reasons items from nature are incorporated is because of its energy.  Animal skins-presents the energy of that animal and is used as a way to give honor to it and to share its medicine.  Wood has earth energy which is powerful and give strength to ceremonies.  The point is, everything in nature has energy and is considered sacred because of the "medicines" they carry.

The Signs

Often people who receive messages in dreams and cannot understand the meaning of the messages- will go to Elders or Medicine People to get help understanding the dream.  I know this to be a fact:  often when you go to Elders or Medicine people for help with answers and/or meanings; they will not give you a few words in a sentence-often they tell medicine stories that could help you with finding your own answers. I also know for a fact: if you ever ask a question to an Elder or Medicine person, they will answer your question with another question.  Again this helps you to find your own answers. I believe this is done because every message that Nature gives us, does not mean the same thing for every person.

How does someone even begin to understand Natures language and signs? First by understanding each of us are connected to natures energy and by trusting what your intuition is picking up when you see or feel something.  You will not always understand every sign and/or even spot every sign you are being given.  You will have to work with the interpretations and research on your own as to what symbolic meanings are and what they could mean.

One of the best class rooms to study in is nature.  Sit outside, listen and watch everything going on around you. Walk in the woods and along trails that has a creek next to it.  Feel nature, hear her songs, feel her energy.  Lean up against a tree, close your eyes and feel the ancient wisdom that is associated with the tree.  Feel the energy flowing for its bark, smell the scent of the leaves, connect with the strength of the tree.  

Something important to remember is the same meanings or the messages you receive from Nature, will not always mean the same thing for everyone else and the message may not always mean the same thing to you. When you see a deer, one time it could be telling you what lays ahead and another time it could be telling you there is a message from the spirit world that will be coming soon. 

I have shared this story on another article I wrote; one time I was looking out my kitchen window admiring this beautiful wildlife scene.  Chickens were walking through my yard, squirrels were playing and I had a pair of Hawks living in my trees.  The next thing I heard was this horrible sound from a chicken.  I ran down to the back yard and there was nothing left but a pile of chicken feathers.  Now, Hawk and Wolf are two of my Animal totems so I honor them greatly, but when Hawk took that chicken, my first instinct was to get mad.  I sprinkled some tobacco and sage where the pile of feathers were, grab a few of them and passed them out  at a drumming circle I attended.  As I sat there thinking about what I just witnessed, I heard a voice say, "It is all part of the cycle of life.  No animal will take more than it needs."  Hawk brings me a lot of messages, and I have learned a lot from him.  All it takes is trusting and believing in everything Nature provides for us. 

                                                                  To Be Continued......

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  1. Wow what a moving and insightful post. I am in agreement with you, many times we walk by and through our environments and ignore all the messages, comforts and healing nurturing that it offers. Nature holds answers..and once we tune into her channel, we learn so much..We can learn so much from animals, and how they live their lives and it is so true they never take more than they need. While we often live our lives in excesses they practice patience and act with purpose. I'd love to know my own animal totems..I have some inkling what some may be..Thank you for this great read, I love your style of writing and the clarity of your message.

    1. Thank so much for your insight, comment and support. You will never know how grateful I am for all of your help.

  2. The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity...and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the person of imagination, nature is imagination itself.
    * William Blake~
    The words in your blogs and poetry Eva, like your photographs carry the strength, the vision and the energy of ancient truths... yet you are not old. The sharing of your gifts and knowledge celebrates and helps us define the visual and cerebral panorama that is the mystique of the natural world. You listen... are called...and what channels through your vision is a wisdom beyond your years~ I'm grateful that you share it for as you have stated so well... It helps guide us to our own answers~

    1. I am truly honored by what you said. Thank you. A lot of people cannot "see" what I am trying to say. There was a time when I had a dream that hopefully someone would see the spiritual aspect of my art. Author Dr. Steven Farmer seen a piece of my art and seen the "spiritual" aspect of it. He published it in one of his earth magic deck of cards. When I seen what he named it, it could not have been anything more beautiful, he called it "Rain" Purification. He seen what I was trying to say in that piece of art. I try very hard to share the magic I see in life in all forms. Many people do not understand that. When someone is walking a long a trail, all they need to do is listen and feel the earth's heartbeat under their feet, yet so little feel that. So through my art, my photography and my writing, the one message I try to get through is I want to help others see the beauty that is right in front of them. Thank you again for visiting and commenting, I greatly appreciate it.


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