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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Boxycharm Product Review-Jan 2016

Okay,  straight up no bullshit, I love the products that came in my January 2016 BoxyCharm box! I know I am a few days late writing my reviews but I have been a little busy.  So let's get started on what I think about the Royal and Langnickel Revolution Eye Shadow brush set, Coastalscents Smoky Eye and Starlooks Luxe Pro Long ware Eyeliner Pen.

Now to be fair I have to say this:  I am a mascara junkie, no lie. I have tried very expensive, and very cheap mascaras so I know what I like. I did try on the Blinc Mascara Amplified BUT only one coat on one eye because I did not like how it was going on. HOWEVER, I plan on trying a full application of the mascara before I fully review it. So I will get back to this one!!!

I love, love the Royal and Langnickel Revolution Eye Shadow brush set! I love how the bristles pick up just enough product and the application goes on soft and gentle.  The little card that was included in the Boxycharm box reads that the bristles are 100% vegan. synthetic natural fibers that mimic the performance and feel of fine natural hair for a flawless finish. I will totally agree with this description. I would without a doubt purchase additional brushes from this company.  I loved the crease brush when I applied shadow under my lower lashes and in the corner of my eye. Perfect.. and the blending brush is wonderful. It is soft, blends your shadows great and when I wiped the brush off on Scott towel no bristles came out.. to me that is a huge plus!! I cannot say enough good things about these brushes!!

The Coastal Scents Smoky Eye-Shadow pallet gets a double thumbs up from me. As most of you know by now that reads my blog, I am officially a QC Makeup Artist student and not only am I learning so much already but my view on makeup has changed more than I expected. I will tell you, if I like it I will wear it and if I don't I won't. Although, I love shimmery shadows I have found in my age group, matte shadows look better. THAT DOES NOT MEAN NO SHIMMER SHADOW AT ALL!! That means the shimmer shadows should be used a lot less. This Coastal Scents smoky eye pallet gives just the right amount of matte shadows and shimmer shadows. I love how smooth the shadows go on, how easy they are to blend, the color combinations are endless and the shadow lasted (on me) all day! I would carry this brand of shadow in my makeup artist case-I loved it that much!

My favorite item in this box no hold bard is the Starlooks Luxe Pro Long ware Eyeliner!  This liner will become one of my everyday go to makeup items. When anything reads waterproof, smudge proof, blah, blah, blah, I have to question it because of my experiences with these kind of items. This liner said it would last all day.. well, it lasts longer than all day!! I feel asleep with the liner on and it looked as fresh the next morning when I got up as it did when I first applied it the day before. I love how the liner glides on, you can apply it thin or bold, light or dark.  I would gladly pay the $19.00 for this eyeliner pen.

So there it is folks... my first review on my first BoxyCharm box!! Now I am excited to see what next month will bring.. so as far as the BoxyCharm box goes, more reviews to come next month.  I will be writing more makeup post.. so bookmark me if you like what you read, links are below to the sites I have mentioned!

Beauty from the eyes of a makeup junkie!

Royal and Langnickel 

Coastal Scents

Starlooks Luxe Longwear Eyeliner

QC Makeup Academy


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