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Friday, January 15, 2016

Alright Lets do some Sexy Lips

So if you read my blog post called lip care made easy, and decided to try my techniques chances are you have soft, smooth lips this morning.  Just the right pallet to build those full, lushes, sensual, sexy lips!!  Now let's build those lips and fill them with a beautiful dark rich color.  I am going to be using  NYX Liquid Suede in Amethyst and Palladio waterproof Lip Liner in Blackberry.

Recently, I have been experimenting with lip primers. Rule of thumb is when you wear a lip primer you need to make sure it is completely dry before applying your lip products. A primer is suppose to help keep your lip color on longer and it is suppose to stop it from feathering.  But I learned the hard way and applied my lip products before my primer was completely dry and it made the whole lip experience not a good one.

There are several different brands of lip primers out there.. the two I have tried is: Stila Water Plumping Primer and Lip Insurance by Two Face.  I cannot remember trying any others unless e.l.f. sells one..  But here are my thoughts on the two lip primers I have tried. (1) Stila Water Plumping Primer... I love this product! It is a little pricey $21 at Sephora  I do not like it as a primer. Sometimes in the evening after using my coconut sugar lip scrub, I will wear this product instead of the vaseline. It feels excellent on your lips, it makes them soft and smooth... I just really like wearing it alone. I have tried using it as a primer but I may have done something wrong.. one time I know I did not allow it to dry before applying my lip product. Who knows, I may try it again. (2) Lip Insurance by Two Face... I had to try this product again this morning because I forgot how it worked the last time I used it. I am not impressed with it at all. I have actually had a hard time with my lip color this morning and that is after allowing the primer to dry. So.. bottom line for me and primers until something better presents itself to me... I will stick to adding a little of my powder foundation to my lips to give me a smooth clean pallet to work with.  All you have to do is lightly take your makeup brush with powder on it and gently run it across your lips... BAM... your lips are primed!

I wrote an article called How to Apply Lipliner Tips. You can read it if you want too just click on the link.  But here is a fast run down on how to line your lips. You should always start with a darker liner than the color of lip color you will be wearing. I am not sure if this rule applies to everybody or everything but it has worked for me and many others for a very long time. Start on your top lip in the middle and outline the two mounds, next draw the line down to one corner and then the other. Draw a line on your bottom lip in the middle and attach those lines to the corners. If you read the article I wrote it will go more into details. I also wrote how to make your lips appear bigger or smaller.

Next apply your lip color! As I have mentioned many times, I wear a lot of stains because I want lasting color. I am not the type of person to carry around lipstick and reapply it a million times a day. So I put it on in the morning and take it off at night.... mine last throughout the day: eating, drinking, kissing and ugg... yes smoking! What I do is apply the stain and wait for a few minutes and blot it. Repeat a couple of times until hardly any color comes off on the tissue when I blot-this assures me my stain has set. Oh.. and as crazy as this is going to sound.. use Scott towel to blot not tissues. Tissues WILL stick to your lips.  I know this sounds a little time consuming but truly it isn't. I do this every day I put my lipstick on. Another thing I do just for reinsurance is: when I apply my lip stain, I also lightly go over my liner.. the liner remains darker, but it just makes me feel a little better knowing my liner will stay in place. 

Have beautiful Friday Night. I would love to hear some of your favorite lip liner and lip color combinations!!

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