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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My New Year Plan-Lets Talk about Makeup

Okay, my New Years new project.. I am going to write reviews on different makeup products. Now, I know there are already a ton of reviews out there.. some like things, some don't, some could care a less. But the main reason I have decided to add my two cents in, is because of my love and passion for makeup!

I have always been a makeup junkie. I love it and have taught numerous people how to put it on. Makeup is used to enhance your natural beauty, but it is also a lot of fun to go dramatic, trendy and sexy!

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of different things out there about beauty clubs. You pay so much a month and you get a package with a few sample products and so on in it.  After researching them, I decided to join a couple I will post the links, yes they do offer referral but I will post the direct site link too in case you do not want to screw with clicking on referral links.  Each month I plan on writing a blog post about each club and the products they sent.  You are not locked into a lifelong contract with these companies.. you can cancel anytime you want. I will see how it is for a few months and decide if it is worth staying or not or changing companies or not.

Okay, so ipsy is a beauty club that cost $10 a month. I have not received any packages yet because I just signed up. My referral link is:   Ipsy-WhiteOak57   or if you want to go directly to their site: Ipsy

The other site I joined is: BoxyCharm. They charge $21 a month and supposely send mostly full size samples in their boxes.  We will see. My referral link is: BoxyCharm Eva or if you want to go directly to their site: BoxyCharm

Both clubs offers free shipping and different ways to earn points so you can get additional products.

I am wearing 
Cherry Skies NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick and Cherry Kiss lipliner by Rimmel.

I want to touch a little on LIPS in this post... I will be writing more in-depth post about the lips and lining them.

Okay the lips... years ago I wrote an article for a Goth Magazine about "sensual lips". To me, the lips says a lot. I have always loved the deep dark colors and that is what I wore up until about 14 years ago, now I am back at it. The darker the better... but you will hear people say over and over.. anyone over 50 should not wear dark lipstick.. why?  Well, I am not saying dark lips is right for everyone over 50 but I love it and it is right for me.

Here are a few of my favorite shades and products that I have just recently been introduced too. I am completely hooked on NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick. It is not real expensive... on Ultra.Com it cost $6.99. It is a stain that goes on smooth like butter and once it dries it remains soft and flexible.  Most lipsticks that are long wearing comes with a small clear lip balm you use on-top of the color once it dries. That is because it dries hard and heavy... NYX liquid Suede does not do that all.
I have also found that NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick is rich in color. After you put it on, of course you will blot it a few times but once it dries.. the color remains dark, rich and soft!  Truly I am very hooked on this brand. 

     QC Makeup Academy

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