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Thursday, January 14, 2016

It's Never too Late to Make Dreams Come True

Well, I just took the plunge and enrolled to take a professional makeup artist course. Am I nervous.. hell yeah but on the same hand, I am so excited. I have always loved makeup so much, so now I will have the opportunity to hopefully do something with it.

So along with the two makeup clubs I have joined (oh, which I heard from BoxyCharm today and they have mailed out my first box) and will be writing reviews on the products; writing about my own techniques and experiences with new makeup I have been trying and now my makeup course I am taking.. I believe I will be able to take my blog post to different levels.

So see, here I am 57 and starting a new journey with a passion I have had all of my life... working with makeup... and I decided to take a plunge. That goes to show.. it is never too late to pursue a dream, regardless of your age or whatever the dream may be-we set our own limitations....

SO....... I will finish writing a blog post I started about a fantastic lip stain color which I am madly in love with tomorrow. 

QC Makeup Academy


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