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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lip Care Made Easy

Okay, beautiful lushes lips, lined and filled with a rich dark color lipstick is not only sensual and sexy but they need to have a routine to be taken care of also. Yeah, I know right, who needs to add more time to a cleansing routine when time is so limited these days. Well, I hate more than anything to have a long cleansing routine, but trust me when I say this.. what I am about to share with you will not take long and the results.. well, let's just say your partner will absolutely adore your lips!

First, especially in colder weather our lips dry out, get chapped and when we apply our lip colors our lips do not look smooth, sensual or sexy.. they look dried out with loose skin everywhere.  What none of us want is to spend time making our lips look beautiful than turn around and look like crap because we did not want to do a simple routine that will take five minutes top! You can purchase expensive lip scrubs.. and you can purchase cheap stuff that could work just as good if not better. Personally, I like using things I have on hand that I would use for other things as well.

Recently, I ran across a really good product called "Garnier Skinactive Cleansing Water". this item in an all in one product.. it cleanses and refreshes. There is no rinse, no harsh rubbing and it is for your eyes, lips and face.  Since I mainly wear lip stains and because of the routine I do, getting my lip color off takes a little time, so I needed something that was not real expensive and that would take the product off without tugging and rubbing my lips off. This Cleansing water is a 13.5 fl. oz bottle and I got mine at Walgreens for $8.99.  All you do is put some on a cotton pad and wipe off your lipstick.... Yes, it is that easy and the color comes right off.

So after you have your lip color off, take a small amount of coconut oil and place it in the palm of your hand.. add a tiny amount of plain sugar and rub them together until the coconut oil melts. Next rub the scrub over your lips gently.  I rub it on my lips for a minute or two.. afterward, wipe off your lip and rinse if you choose.  Next put a good moisturizer on your lips.. I recently purchased a small container of Vaseline lip therapy with Shea Butter (to be different) I got mine for a little over a $1 and it takes very little.  I actually put a small amount not only over my lips but above them too... (to ease up on the lines around the lips). In the morning, my lips feel and look smooth which makes for a good day for applying your favorite lip color!!

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