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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

BoxyCharm First Box

Jan 2016

I have been impressed a lot in my life, but I have to admit today when I opened my first package from BoxyCharm I was beyond impressed! True story: my boyfriend was sitting at the table when I opened my package.. of course him being a guy; he does not realize a lot of differences between makeup, HE WAS impressed to see such great items!!!

A monthly subscription to BoxyCharm is $21.00 and they send four-five full-size products. When I signed up I thought okay that will average out to be approximately $5-$4.50 per item.  Well here is a rundown of what I received in my box:

I am not sure if each month they run a new theme but this month the card read: "Eyes on 2016" it also has the retail price of each product and some directions how to use the product. So the first thing I saw was a set of (3) Royal and Langnickel Revolution Eye-Shadow Brushes.  (1) is detailed eyeshadow application brush (1) is a professional pointed crease brush (1) is Precision eyeshadow detail smudge brush.  The brushes are full size with a silk touch grip handle. They alone cost more than the whole BoxyCharm box this month. The brush set retails for $23.97

Now this item just about floored me: It is a Coastalscents Smoky Eye-Shadow pallet with 20 eyeshadow colors. It has rich deep dark matte shadows and beautiful mid-light tone frosted shadows.  The eyeshadow palette retails for $39.95. I have never tried Coastalscents products before that I can remember, so I am excited to try these shadows.  Since I will soon be starting my makeup artist course.. I am sure I will learn how to work with these shadows in new, different ways.

The next item was a Starlooks Luxe Pro long wear eyeliner pen. It is black and has a felt tip applicator end that can apply thin soft lines or thick bold lines. I drew a line on my finger last night it is still on my hand this morning. That is after washing my hands a ton of times since last night. So needless to say, it is waterproof!! This pen retails for  $19.00

The last item is Blinc Mascara Amplified. It  adds  volume and lengthens your lashes and creates little tubes on your lashes and is waterproof. I am a mascara freak.. mascara and lip products are two of my favorite things.. so I AM really looking forward to trying this. This mascara retails for  $26.00.

I am going to try each of these products today and write a part two to this post.  So, let's add this up. The retail price of this box is $102.92 and I paid $21.00 for it AND the products are full size, and beautiful.  So am I excited about next month's box... HELL Yeah!!!

If you are interested and want to sign up and get a BoxyCharm subscription here is my link:  If you do not want to bother with clicking on my referral link and just want to read more about BoxyCharm click here

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