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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Beauty of Springtime

This is a photo that I took at the Botanical Gardens in Athens, Georgia. I used a Nikon D3100 Camera with 55-80 lens. I am not that familiar with Camellia flowers, I just know once I seen them I fell in love with it.  It is a delicate looking flower that holds so much beauty that to this point, it is one of my favorite photos that I have taken. 

What screams louder than beautiful Daffodils after a soothing rain, that Springtime is here? In my opinion most flowering bulbs screams Springtime in a soft beautiful way that gets you all geared up for the planting season ahead.

Another Daffodil. Did you know that I have never seen just one daffodil growing by itself? They are always surrounded by other ones. Some may bloom sooner than others but they will never be alone.


I am planning on adding more to this in a little while. Please do come and visit again!!

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