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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some pages I have written about Makeup!

One things I have always loved is makeup. I have been interested in it since very early childhood.  I believe I have always viewed makeup as something artistic because in a way applying makeup is just that, a piece of art you are applying on yourself.

I have written several pages talking about makeup and wanted to share those links.  One article I wrote is called:  How to Apply Makeup to Enhance your Features and another is: How to Line Your Lips  I wrote both of these articles at a community called eHow and wrote them back in 2009.  At that time I was very impressed with another makeup and used that as my base for the article How to Apply Makeup to Enchance your Features.

Than one day I was thinking about addiction and obsessions people may have with certain items and wrote a page called:  Makeup Addiction or Obsession although I do write about some other things in the page that I love, like writing pens and paper!!  I first see a person, the first two things I notice is:  their eyes and their lips!  I LOVE lip plumper's and although I do not wear lipstick  that much these days, I could never be without my lip gloss or lip plumper's, which lead me to write Lip Plumper's

In November I became 100% addicted to using Laura Geller's Makeup.  It's my sister-in-law's fault!  (gotta blame somebody right?) She spoke very highly of Laura's makeup and has been using it for a while now.  That lead me to write Laura Geller Makeup  but to take it a step further, I wanted to write about the separate products that I personally use, so I wrote Laura Geller Balance and Brighten  .  This page goes into more details about a product called Balance and Brighten, Bronze-n-Brighten and also Spackle Face Primer.  

As always, if you decide to drop by any of these links, it is always greatly appreciated.  On most of the pages there is a guestbook if you feel like leaving a message, or just stop by and take a look around.  So until next time,

Happy Makeup'ing Everyone!!


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