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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wildlife Photography | RedGage

                                                            Americas Bird | RedGage

I took this photo at the Wildlife Center in Athens, Georgia.  This is one of a set of Bald Eagles that were together.  I am guessing since they shared a space that they were mates.

                                                                Bad Hair Day-RedGage

The only thing I could think of to name this picture is Bad Hair Day.  I mean look at that head of hair-sort of funky, sort of crazy, sort of cool-What's your thoughts?

I am sorry but I think this image is priceless.  I took it at a Wildlife Center in Athens, Georgia.  It just so happened I was at the right place at the right time.

I took this photo of a Black Bear who was waiting for his breakfast.  So to keep himself amused, he decided to play with this stick he is holding.  It was just a humor moment for me because my thoughts went to long ago when jailers use to run their cup across the bars to get someone's attention. Can you imagine the bear running his stick along the fence to get the park attendants to feed him?

This beautiful owl is only the second photo I have ever taken of an owl. The owl was a resident at the Hawk's home.  Owl and Hawk are able to share the same territory because both birds are bird of prey and both territorial.  However since the owl is nocturnal it is able to share the same territory with the Hawk because Hawk claims the area during the day.

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