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Friday, April 15, 2011

Black and White Photography


Black and White Rose Print by WhiteOaksPhotos

I have 100% fell in love with doing Black and White Photography. There is something about the uniqueness it adds to the photo, but its something more that I cannot really explain.  There are a few of my personal favorites, I hope you like them.  If you would like, comments are welcomed and appreciated.  


Dogwood Blossom by Eva Thomas

Dogwood Blossoms are among my favorite flower to photo.  I love the richness of the blossoms and especially in a Black and White photo.


Black and White Elder Mill Covered Bridge

Covered Bridges fascinate me.  This bridge is located in Watkinsville, Georgia and is one of four that I have photographed so far.  I have set a goal to take as many photos as possible of different covered bridges in different locations.


Black and White Dandelion Puff

Often when I am out shooting photos, I see small things that captures my attention.  This happens to be the result of that.  These little dandelion puff balls are a childhood favorite.  Remember:  All you have to do is make a wish!!

Old Studebaker Truck

WHO does not love old classic automobiles?  This truck would be a dream come true for my husband and I.  I can see us driving it!!

Opened Black and White Rose

What else can you say about a rose?  They are not my favorite flower, but they are becoming one I love photograph!


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