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Monday, March 16, 2015

Ostara Spring Equinox Part 1

What a beautiful magical time of the year when the mother opens her eyes and all of natures beauty begins to awaken and breathe.  Ostara, the Spring Equinox is a time for fertility and sowing seeds.  It is the time to when mating season begins on all levels. We plant the seeds, nurture them and a plant grows. A seed is planted inside a human and a new child is born. What is there to not love about Ostara? 

Different beliefs celebrate this time according to their path.  Many believe this is a time that marks when the  young Sun God  marries the young Maiden Goddess -who will conceive and in nine months will become the Mother Goddess.  Easter is  celebrated the first Sunday after the full moon after the Spring Equinox. But regardless of what path you walk in life, the one thing in common is the fact all of nature awakens and brings forth some of the most beautiful, breath taken beauty you cannot help but fall in love with!

Ostara (The Spring Equinox) marks the balance of day and night, as the light begins to increase more and more giving all of us more time to tend our gardens and time to watch more beauty around us.  It is a time when you open your windows and allow the air spirits to come through and drive all negativity stale energy away leaving behind nothing but new fresh energy and beautiful smells.

This is a wonderful time to enjoy more leafy green vegetables, nuts and edible flower dishes. There is nothing more beautiful than having a fresh salad with nasturtiums, borage flowers, fresh pansies and other edible flowers. What is even more exciting is going outside in your yard and picking (what some refer to as weeds) fresh dandelion greens, chickweed and wide leaf plantain.  **Word of caution** If you should decide to pick some fresh greens in your yard, you need to make sure no pesticides have been used on them, they are away from road toxins but most important and I CANNOT stress this enough, RESEARCH before you eat anything from your yard. Also, just as a reminder, as you are harvesting your vegetables and flowers, save as many seeds as you can for next year's corps. It is not hard all you do is lay the seeds out and allow them to completely dry in an area will they will not be bothered, bag them after they are dried and label them with the name, and date you dried them.

Once Ostara has arrived, you will notice the daffodils. Usually they are everywhere and to be honest for this photographer I cannot get enough photos of them. Many of the bulbs type flowers like hyacinth, and tulips are beginning to wake up and show their beauty as well. Now if you are a kitchen witch, one thing I know you already do is collect the flowers, dry them and store them to use for different rituals.  One of the most popular things to do during Ostara is redecorate your altar mainly using flowers like daffodils, and other bulbs flowers. Once the flowers begin to fade and finish their cycle, these flowers can be dried, stored and used later.  Daffodils are used for Love, Fertility and luck.  They say if you wear a daffodil flower next to your heart, it will bring good luck.  If you place fresh daffodils in your bedroom it will increase fertility and as with more flower petals, they can be used in love spells but of course love spells should never be placed on anyone but yourself. You must love yourself before you can truly love another person..

Another one of my favorite flowers to dry and save is the Hyacinth. Hyacinth's not only smell sweet as honey but their energy is unbelievable. The hyacinth flowers are used for Love, Protection and Happiness.  They say if you have a pink hyacinth plant growing in your bedroom, it will help guard against nightmares.  As you smell the hyacinth flower it will relieve depression and grief and as like the daffodils, the hyacinth can be used in love rituals. 

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