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Thursday, February 11, 2016

LASplash Lipstick

Okay, here it is, if I could freaking marry a lipstick I would marry LASplash Lipstick! Yes, I know damn that sounds crazy but I am actually in love with the lipstick I just purchased from them. So here is the scoop....

Since I am taking a Makeup Artist course all I seem to do (when I have the time) is study my course, watch a freaking ton of makeup tutorials and play with my makeup!  I have been drawing out some of my own makeup designs (all will be revealed soon) and in one of the designs, I needed a black lipstick. ALL OF YOU know that I am picky as hell with my lipstick and the most important thing is when I put it on, I want it to stay the hell on!!

I was watching this one video and the chick was going on and on and on about black lipstick comparisons. One of the companies she mentioned was LASplash! So I did my regular Google search and found their site!  Well, as I was looking around I see this one shade called 'Vampire'.  Yes, it is a shade I have been searching for forever it seems.  Kat Von D has one but it is always sold out (and I love her lip stains btw but not as much as this brand) SO when I found LASplash sold a color very similar to Kat Von D's color I ordered it!  But I did not stop there.. No.... I found another color I loved (which I will write a review about later) so I got it.  I never got the black lipstick because I forgot all about it when I found 'Vampire color'.

So, LASplash Lip Couture waterproof Lipstick comes in a tube with a flat double sided sponge applicator.  IT WORKS PERFECT BTW! I am not sure of the amount of the tube but I know it will last a while.  The tube cost $14.00 and it is made in the U.S.A.  One thing that impressed me if you ever look at sanitation.. the lipstick comes in a box and the tube inside is seal... so there is no tampering with this product.

It took one application to get the shade I have on in this picture.  I used a black waterproof liner because the two colors just look great together to me! With the applicator being flat, it makes it super easy to apply and also to line your lips if you so choose. I was going to count how many seconds it takes to dry.. (yes, I said seconds) but I forgot... I do know it was very few ; when I blotted my lips it was dry!  This lipstick is not going anywhere. The Vampire color is a very deep blood red...omg  it is beautiful!!

So,  on a scale 1 to 10,  I would give this lipstick a freaking 100!! It feels great on your lips, it has not budged since I have had it on, it is not hard and heavy... and the only other thing I can say is YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS STUFF!! Here is their link if you want to visit their site: 

QC Makeup Academy


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