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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Is there light at the end of the tunnel-Part One

For the lack of better words, what the hell!  Let's start at the beginning and see if I can make any sense of this. A few years ago, my husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He went through a few operations where the doctor went in and scraped the tumor from his bladder.  Along with a couple of those operations, he had to go through six weeks of TB therapy where they actually injected the tuberculosis virus into the bladder to kill the cancer cells. After the six weeks my husband had to go back into surgery for a check up and the doctor told us that he was cancer free!  What a feeling of relief and joy and any other positive emotion you could think of.

After this battle with the cancer my husband decided that we were going to live and enjoy life to the fullest. We got a motorcycle and took beautiful rides up through the mountains just riding strong and riding free.  Life was so freaking beautiful that both of us thought we were the luckiest people in the world.  We were thankful beyond belief and so grateful that often we would just sit in silent just emerging in this beautiful feeling of blissfulness

During our motorcycle trips and rides I wrote a lot and I also took a lot of photos.  My husband got this bright idea that he wanted to get me some very good photography equipment so I could make my dream of being a published photographer come true.  So needless to say, during our rides  I was able to capture some pretty cool photos.

June of this year (2014) my husband got a Harley Soft Tail motorcycle and decided we needed a good cruiser bike so we could take a lot of weekend trips to different locations. Not only for the beautiful rides, not only for the sense of freedom and relaxation, but also so I could do a lot of photography.  Very shortly after we got the Harley Soft Tail and only took a couple of rides, my husband started to feel week, low energy and worst he started to have blood in his urine this case a sure sign the cancer was back.

By the end of June (2014) my husband was back into the hospital and the doctor went in and began to scrape his bladder again.  The surgery was taking longer this time which had me concern, when the doctor came out into the waiting room, I swear my heart dropped.  In previous operations everyone in the waiting room was given a buzzer and when the family member was out of surgery, we would get buzzed to let us know the doctor would meet us in the private room to go over the surgery with us.  Not this time, the doctor came out into the waiting room to get me and took me back to a private room.  Yes, I was freaking but I was trying so damn hard to maintain my composer. My mind was screaming STOP and tell me what in the hell in going on!  The doctor must have sensed that because before we got into the room he let me know my husband came through the operation okay.

Once we were in the private room, he told me the worst news.... the cancer had spread to the muscle of the bladder, therefore the doctor was recommending us to another doctor in Atlanta.  What this meant was my husbands bladder was going to have to be removed.  The doctor explained to us that once cancer gets into the muscle it moves quickly.  Basically, this cancer is evasive and moves fast! When the doctor called our home to inform us that he found us a doctor in Atlanta, he made it a point to tell us the urgency of this situation, he actually said the urgency was a matter of life and death!

To be continued............

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