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Friday, March 28, 2014


My New Tattoo Design (Hopefully)

Who would have thought that a person that works online would look forward to Friday?  I mean really, it is not like we have a time clock and have to punch out every time we turn around-but today is different!!

TGIF for me today means I cannot wait until tomorrow!! Why you ask? Tomorrow I am getting another tattoo to finish off my dragonfly tattoo...I decided that I am going to get an apple blossom flower tattoo with some of the limb showing and my dragonfly sitting on top of it! The picture above is the flower I want-it is one of my photos that I took at the Botanical Gardens and it happens to be one of my favorites from that day... So if all goods well, tomorrow I will have it tattooed on my arm!

I spent yesterday working on a design that I will post below.  My newest creations so to speak... with all of this being said, I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and able to work out in your garden, take a motorcycle ride or even get a tattoo :-D I am hope for all three myself not to sound greedy or anything!

Okay, my newest creations!!


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