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Sunday, May 17, 2015

To Ink or Not to Ink

To Ink or Not to Ink
That is the question

Life's really funny sometimes you know.  Many of us go around in our own little worlds because we do not fit into societies concept of what a normal life is.  So within our own little worlds we run free so speak, thinking we actually do not give shit about what other people say or how they think about us. Guess what in a crazy-kind-of-way that is bullshit too!

With summer here, my usual everyday wardrobe consist of racer back shirts-therefore my ink in all of its glory is seen with no hiding at all.  Why should I have to hide it anyway? My ink tells the story of my late husband's battle with cancer, his recovery and his death.  As I was thinking about this the other day my first thought was, "You dumb ass... why carry the story of someone's journey on your arm?" But then it hit me, his story also became my story because I walked every step of his journey with him.

It's not paranoia when you 'think' you see someone staring at your ink.  All you have to do is have common sense and follow their eyes.  It is like women with large breast, often when they are having conversations with someone, the other person eyes are focused on the woman's breast.  It is the same with tattoos.

I am pretty use to having people stare at my arms, some will admire it, some will think it is sick and others will get prejudge me and think I am something I am not.   Having people stare in one thing.. but if you listen closely, sometimes you will hear how people really feel about ink and especially ink on women.  Sometimes, it truly is a sad fucking world we live in.

So the magic question is this:  to ink or not to ink, that is the question.  My ink truly tells a story... so every inch of it means as much to me as the earlier ones I got years and years ago.  Would I change any of it? Hell no, I would not.  It is easier for me to ignore and close the door on people who want to judge me and/or think my ink is disgusting - than it would be for me to not have someone I want because others do not approve.

My ink is a part of who I am... I do not condemn others for not having tattoos... sometimes I do wonder why some people do not ink,  but it's not any of my business.  If you want to prejudge me because of my ink, that is your right-it's pretty simple really just stay the fuck away from me.  If you do have ink NEVER let someone bring you down if your ink tells a story or means something very special to you. If you have ink and wish you didn't, you can either have it covered with something that means something more to you and/or you can have it removed with laser surgery.

This is your show, dance the story however you want to regardless of what others say.  They will never walk in your shoes, on your path the way you do.  

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