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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Younique Lip Stain and Liner Review

Okay, so here is the thing... lately, I have been contacting a lot of different makeup companies wanting to test their products because I am building my makeup artist case.  A friend of mine was having an online bash for this company called Younique.  I have never heard of them before, but I went to their website and was reading about their products and it sounded pretty impressive.

 I contacted the Sales Rep that was holding my friends online makeup bash and told her what I was doing about collecting samples to try other companies products because I was building my makeup case. The rep told me she did not have any samples but the company had a good return policy and so forth. So I spent some time looking at their products and came up with a lip liner and lip stain I thought I would try.

I decided to hold an online bash too.. starting tomorrow (February 2nd.)  You are more than welcome to stop on by and take a look around.  If you are on Facebook click here: If you want to visit my Virtual Bash at Younique click here:  anyway today I got my order, tried it and wanted to share my thoughts. The photo is three different shots of the colors I am writing about!!

1. Moodstruck Precision Pencil:  I ordered the color "Posh" If you have read my other blog post you will notice I love dark lip liners and I am a huge freak about my lip products being smudge proof and water proof.  Well, the color of the pencil I choose is called "Posh".  To me it looks like a darker pink to a light plum color-almost a fuchsia color. For some reason when I choose this color I seen another photo with the Posh lip liner mixed with the Sultry lip stain and to me, it looked like a dark brick mixture. On my complexion, the Posh color leans more towards the plum family. In the second picture on my article photo, that is true light and shows the color it really is.

I loved the way the pencil glides on. There is no tugging, or pulling.. the liners actually glides across your lips very nice.  The liner also feels good on your lips.. it almost feels like you have nothing on them. The lip liner being waterproof is holding up fairly well.  I am not crazy about this color of liner, but I know ways to enhance it, to fit more to my it truly does go on very good and hey it lasted a very long time on me.. so yeah, this lip liner is truly waterproof, smudge proof!!!

2. Stiff Upper Lip - Lip Stain I ordered the color "Sultry" As I mentioned above.. the photo I seen online of the Posh liner mixed with the Sultry stain looked dark brick color to me. Neither are the color on me as the model. Sultry on me looks like a plum. So here are my thoughts on the product itself: The stain goes on your lips beautifully. It is soft, light feeling and it does stain your lips pretty good.  The more layers you apply, the darker you can make the color.  I personally applied two coats of the color on my lips.  I let the first layer dry for a couple of seconds before applying the second coat.

What I loved most about this lip stain is it DOES NOT dry out your lips. Once the stain dries, it leaves your lips soft and in no way do your lips feel sticky or dry. Now it is waterproof and smudge proof.. at least it was a little while for me.  It is not as waterproof as my other lip stains but I lick my lips a lot and drink a lot of water or whatever- so the stain has lasted on my lips for a few hours without fading.  I also believe every person is different when it comes to lip products.  I believe for everyday wear or special occasions like weddings, the colors of the stain and liners would be perfect.

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